What Could Have Been and What Will Be

Ares offers Xena the chance to see what her life would have been like if she had become his warrior queen.


You Don't Know What Love Is

A different twist to the end of "Motherhood" and it's written from Xena's point of view.


Force Of Habit

Xena's the Goddess of War. Always has been, always will be. So what happens when she wants a piece of Ares, Warrior Prince? Rated R


A lunar eclipse and a god. All else is superfluous.

That Time

So how did Ancient Greeks deal with menstruation, anyway?


Humility, And Other Things That Burn

Xena visits Ares after hes punished by Zeus.


A postscript to Sacrifice II.


Ares and Xena connect. Or not.

Night Into Day

A different ending for OAHAF. Rated NC-17


Note from the Author: I have divided my section up into two categories: those of my very early works and those of my more recent writings (of which are quite small at the moment but I hope to start writing again). My new works are at the top before the dividing line. My early works aren't the greatest, but I wanted to include them anyway. I'd like to say I have grown as a writer since I wrote those very early stories. :-)


This is a short vignette that takes place post-Motherhood. It deals with the end of that episode and what I think went on after Ares had given up his immortality.

The Kill

This is a short vignette. We see a glimpse of how the Kill affects Ares, past and the present.

The Visit

A shippery short story taking place after Old Ares Had A Farm. Xena keeps her promise to visit Ares.

One Chance In A Billion

Set after Coming Home. A very short vignette.

The Power of Love

When Ares is changed by love, he does something for the dying Gabrielle and Eve that Xena never would have expected and it is then that she realizes her true feelings for him. This story takes place during and after "Motherhood." This is the first story that I wrote so I hope you like it.

A Change of Heart

After Ares gives up his immortality to save Eve and Gabrielle from certain death, he meets up with Xena and they find out that his mortality is causing Greece to suffer. Xena must find a way to return his godhood to him and in the process some new feelings are discovered. This story takes place directly after "Motherhood."

New Beginnings

When Ares is severely wounded by a poisonous sword, Xena must get him the antidote before it is too late and then his feelings for her are tested when Eve runs into someone from her dark past. This story takes place after "Motherhood."

Allied With The Enemy

When the Olympians are captured and Hope is found alive, having given birth to all six Destroyers intent on making the world ready for Dahak's rein, Xena is forced to ally with Ares along with Gabrielle and Hercules in order to stop her from completing her goal. This is the first story of a trilogy: Allied With The Enemy, Trapped By Evil, and Together Forever and it takes place directly after "Sacrifice Part II."

Trapped By Evil

After Xena and Ares team up to destroy Hope, Xena finally realizes how she feels about Ares but when she discovers that Dahak has Ares' body, stopping him may cost Xena her life. This is the second story in the trilogy. It is the sequel to Allied With The Enemy.

Together Forever

After Ares is released from Dahak's control, he decides to ask Xena something that could change her life forever. This is the last story in the trilogy. It is the sequel to Trapped By Evil.

In the Comfort of Ares

When Xena is mortally wounded in a fight against Casear's men, Ares helps to heal her and Xena discovers some new feelings for him. Takes place sometime during season three.

She Never Knew I Loved Her

After Gabrielle and Eve are presumed dead, the only thing left for Xena to do is kill herself but Ares comes to her and tries to stop her from making a big mistake. This story is written from Ares' point of view and it takes place during the last part of "Looking Death In the Eye."

Uncertian Feelings

After Xena and Ares go their separate ways, Xena begins to have dreams of Ares and she doesn't know how to deal with them but when Gabrielle has advise for her, she realizes something deep inside herself she hadn't known was there. Takes place after "Coming Home."

The Biggest Mistake of My Life

After Ares saves Xena from the icy waters, Xena decides to talk to him but she realizes that she is not being completely honest about her feelings. Takes place during the last scene of "Coming Home" and Xena tells it from her point of view.

A Love Never Recieved

When Xena journey's home to meet her mother, she discoveries a startling surprise and finds out the Ares has done something that Xena will never forgive him for. This story takes place before "Amphipolis Under Siege" but it is as if that episode never occurred.

Everlasting Love


Revenge of the Olympians

All the gods of Olympus are out to get Xena and Eve for fear of the prophecy that the fates foretold. Ares offers to help protect her and at first Xena doesn't believe him but when he proves himself, they side together and the other Olympians get a big surprise when they try to kill the child. Takes place after "God Fearing Child."

The Judgment of Ares

When Ares is captured and taken to jail because of his crimes of the past; Xena must help prove that he has changed before it is too late. Takes place sometime during season six when he is still mortal.

Lost Love


Heart's Love

This is sort of a musical but I didn't write the songs. Ares tells Xena that he loves her and a first she can't accept it but after she understands the true meanings of his words, she realizes that war can love. Takes place sometime after "God Fearing Child" before the end of season five.

Let the Truth Be Told

In the 21rst century, the cast and crew of "Xena: Warrior Princess" surprises Lucy and Kevin with a birthday party but little did the two realize that they would get more of a surprise on their birthday than just a party. This story is dedicated to Lucy Lawless and Kevin Smith for their outstanding accomplishments on the show. Happy birthday Lucy and Kevin!

Visions From the Past

Xena comes into contact with someone that causes her to relive scenes from her dark past. Takes place after "To Helicon and Back." Even though Xena is telling Gabrielle the story, the flashbacks are still in third person in order to make the story more understandable.

Courage of a Dog

When Gasgar and his army attack Ares, Horace must find Xena before it is too late. Takes place after "Dangerous Prey." This story explains why I think Horace isn't in the episode "You Are There" when the reporter visits the farm and the dog isn't around.

War's Deception

When an unexpected war breaks out between the centaurs and the Amazons, Xena comes to stop it and find out the reasons for it before unnecessary killing gets out of hand. Takes place after "Been There, Done That."

Then What Is Between Us?


The Shape of My Heart

This is a story written from Ares' point of view that explains his thoughts in the period of time between giving up his immortality and Xena thanking him in "Motherhood." This is a very short story.

Missing Link

Valasca returns to reek havoc on the Amazon Nation and Xena learns about a person from her family that she never knew about. Takes place after "Antony and Cleopatra."

Connected...But Forever Apart

When a Samurai warrior in Japan kills Gabrielle, Xena returns to her old, heartless ways as a murderer and vows to kill every last one of the Samurai no matter what it takes. Ares learns what has happened and goes against everything he once stood for to stop Xena from continuing on the path of bloodshed. This is just one of the ideas as to how I think the show should end.


This story is written as an alternate ending to "Motherhood." When Ares doesn't give up his immortality and Gabrielle and Eve die, Xena is so struck with such grief that she wants to end her life and Ares realizes that he has to do something to bring them back.

Immortal Understanding

This is a sort of 'what if' story, an alternate ending to "You Are There." When Xena decides to eat the golden apple and become immortal with Ares, it makes Gabrielle very angry and then when Odin captures her, Xena has to decide what is more important to her--immortality with Ares or Gabrielle's life.