"Ares' Way"

By Chakram Angel

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters in this story. This story is merely fan fiction.

Other Disclaimers: This is purely a Shippers’ story; so if the thought of Xena and Ares together is too much for you to handle, leave now!

Violence/Sex/Subtext: Not really/ Only if you want there to be (LOL)/Definitely NO!

Rating: Anywhere from a PG to a PG15!

Summary: An alternate ending to “A friend in need part II” Ares saves Xena from a certain death.

***Note from author***: I was very unhappy with the series’ ender. Ares should have definitely been there.

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Chapter I

Xena got on her knees as she carefully buried her beloved armor. They would be here soon, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She couldn’t tell Gabrielle her plans; Gabrielle would only get in her way. She finally stood up to await her fate. She could hear then coming closer, every drum beat louder than the one before. She was out numbered at least a thousand to one. She closed her eyes, and suddenly something unexpected happened. She felt a familiar tingle running down her back. She turned around and watched as the leather clad war god materialized in a gleaming blue light.

“What do you think your doing? You’re out numbered at least a thousand to one!” he said as soon as he finished materializing.

“Ares stay out of this!” She said furiously.

“Xena this is suicide! You can’t …” His voice got louder and he took a step closer to Xena.

“Ares you don’t understand,” she interrupted “there’s more to it than you think” She paused briefly as Ares looked at her in disbelief. “I have to do this, I have to make things right” her voice and expressions softened as she finished her last statement. “There’s nothing you can do to stop me.” She then said with determination in her voice. There was a short silence between them. Ares pulled his vest down as he shifted his weight from one leg to another. He took a deep breath and walked closer to her until they were only a few inches away.

“If there’s nothing I can do, to change your mind…” He leaned closer and gave her a very passionate kiss. Ares deepened the kiss as she fell into his arms. That’s the last thing Xena remembered…

Chapter II

When Xena awoke she found herself on a gorgeous black-silk canopy bed in very well decorated room. The room was completely covered with red rose petals. She sat up and realized she was wearing a red nightgown. The nightgown was long and almost transparent. She soon got up and out of bed.

“Ares!” she yelled, but there was nothing. “Ares!” she tried again, hoping that the war god hadn’t abandoned her. She stood and waited hopelessly staring up into space, hoping he would just pop in. She suddenly noticed white piece of parchment in a small table across the room. It read:


I’m sorry; I couldn’t let you do this. Gabrielle is safe. Don’t worry about the battle; I have some of my best men working on it. I left you breakfast. I’ll be back before sunset.


“Great! Just Great!” Xena was infuriated by Ares’ note. She couldn’t believe that Ares would do something like this to her, not when so many people were in danger. She carelessly threw the note on the marble floor, and desperately looked for a way out. She noticed a pair of double doors leading into what seem a hall, but it was useless, the doors were more than just locked, {Ares must have used his powers to lock me in.} she thought. She turned around and noticed another pair of double doors on the opposite wall. The doors were unlocked and led to an entirely different room. The new room also had sleek black marble floors with red rose petals. In the center of the room was a beautiful marble spa filled with warm water and many white bubbles. In the far end of the room was a curtain doorway leading into a smaller room, a walk in closet. Xena wasn’t surprised to find it filled with everything in her size.

Hours later, Xena finally realized that she wasn’t getting out of there unless Ares let her out. She was tired of looking for a way out and hadn’t eaten since the day before, so she decided to go a head and eat breakfast. After a very satisfying meal, she decided to give the spa a try. After what seemed hours of bathing, she finally got out and headed towards the walk in closet. Once she was inside the closet, she couldn’t make a decision as in what to wear. A long mossy green dress finally caught her attention. The dress had two long slits going down each side and was designed to fit tight on the wearer. It was sleeveless and draped at the front. She found the shoes, earrings, necklace, and bracelet to go with the dress. She put her hair up and looked in a long mirror to make sure everything was in place. When she decided she looked good enough, she stepped out of the closet.

“Wow, you look …”he took a couple steps closer to her, “stunning”

Xena looked away, to angry to speak.

“Look, I’m sorry, but I wasn’t about to let you sacrifice yourself to save a few dead villagers.”

Xena looked at him with a mixture of disgust, disbelief and anger. She then stalked out of the room, leaving a puzzled Ares standing alone. When Ares walked in, she was sitting on the bed, facing the opposite wall to the doorway.

“Xena, just hear me out…”

“Ares, those people are dead because of me! Unless I free them, they’ll be enslaved for all eternity!” she snapped back. “It’s my fault they’re enslaved, and it’s my job to free them.” Her last statement was much softer. She was on the verge of tears.

“Xena it wasn’t your fault, it was a terrible accident.” He said, trying to reason with her. Neither of them spoke, they were overtaken by a great silence. He turned around and noticed that Xena hadn’t eaten much of her breakfast; most of it was still sitting on the table. Ares’ thoughts were interrupted by Xena’s voice.

“Where are we anyway? What is this place?” her voice echoed in the large room.

“Mount Olympus.” He replied dryly.

“What!” Her eyes widened furiously. She quickly realized that even if she did find a way out of the chamber, it would be impossible for her to get down. She was at Ares’ mercy.

“It’s the only place on earth that could possibly accommodate someone like you, you’re an escape artist.” He smirked. “Ares you have to take me back, I can’t stay here.” She said pleadingly. “Please take me back.” At this point tears were flowing out of Xena’s eyes. This was the first time she ever cried in front of Ares. This was way too much for Ares; he had made his warrior cry, he couldn’t bare to look at her.

“I’ll think about it.” He disappeared in a bright blue light.

Xena couldn’t believe what was happening. She didn’t like being locked up in Mount Olympus, she had to get out, but for the time being all she could do is hope for best but prepare for the worst. She laid back down on the beautiful canopy but couldn’t sleep. Xena stared up at the ceiling, wondering if she could ever undo what she caused so many years ago.

Much later, when Ares realized Xena hadn’t eaten anything since early in the morning, he appeared back in her room. “Care for dinner?” Usually Xena would have said no, but in this case she had to make an exception; when taken prisoner, you must not turn down food, food gives the body the strength and energy you might need later to escape.

Dinner was quiet; neither of them spoke. Ares noticed Xena’s eyes were still red, it seemed that she had been doing a lot of crying. When dinner was over he made everything disappear. She walked over to the fireplace and stared right into the fire.

“Why are you doing this?” The fire rose and flickered.

“Because” he paused briefly, “ I love you.” He was standing directly behind her. She turned around to face him.

“This isn’t just about me Ares, it’s about those 40 thousand souls enslaved by Yodoshi and that village under attack. Ares I have to get back to Gabrielle, she’ll try to take the Army on by herself.”

“Like I said before, she’s fine. I sent her 3 of my best armies…”

“No!” She interrupted. “You can’t, Ares she isn’t …”

“Oh I assure you she is very capable. Besides the ghost killer already took care of Yodoshi.” She looked at him with disbelief. “As soon as I told Gabrielle what your plans were, she agreed that keeping you in mount Olympus was probably for the best.”

“I can’t believe this. Ares you can’t keep me here, I‘ll do whatever it takes…but I will find a way out.” Her last statement was more of a threat.

“We’ll see about that.” He turned around and disappeared with a slight smirk on his face.

Chapter III

For the next three days, Ares didn’t even bother to show himself. Ares didn’t ever come when she called him. The only sign of him was the never-ending supply of food he left in her room every morning before she awoke. During the day Xena would study the walls and doors to look for a way out… all efforts in vain. One night while Xena was asleep, she felt a very familiar tingle running down her back. She quickly opened her eyes and sat up in her bed, but the room was pitch black and she couldn’t see anything.

“Ares.” She said barely above a whisper. There was no answer, she sat up and was able to find the closest candle. The candle gave very little light, but it was enough to lit the room. Ares wasn’t there. She soon noticed the doors between her room the next were open. She cautiously walked through the doorway and sure enough found Ares. He was sitting at the edge of the marble spa, looking into it with a dull expression. His hair was a bit messed up. Xena immediately realized that he was drunk.

When Ares finally noticed Xena standing in the doorway he looked up at her. “Xena” he said it as if it were a joke.

“Your drunk.” She said with a bit of compassion in her voice.

“Drunk?” he chuckled. “I can’t get drunk,” he lied. “I’m a god!” he said sarcastically then laughed some more. He stood up and started walking towards Xena. He amazingly kept his balance very well, so well in fact, that anyone who would have seen him would of thought he was sober. Xena knew better.

“You look beautiful in that dress,” he began. “ …but then again, you look beautiful in anything you wear”. He said admiring her well-fitted nightgown. He quickly leaned over and gave Xena a fierce kiss on the lips. He was holding her so tight that she couldn’t break free. She finally was able to kick him and break the kiss and backed away warily. “But you don’t care do you?” he said resentfully. “ I have given up so many things for you, but it wasn’t enough, not for you. I have gone through hell for you!” his voice was harsh and loud. “ I was willing to be a father to Eve, a father she never had, a family she never knew, all thanks to you! I went up against Olympus, my family, all to help you save Eve and protect Gabrielle. I sided with you and lost my family, except for Aphrodite, she’s all I have left. Even though you slaughtered my family, I gave up my immortality to save you…and what do I get in return, your unfairness, your ungratefulness… your hate. I lost all of my temples and most of my followers. I lost everything, all thanks to you!” Ares’ hands were wrapped tight around Xena’s upper arms as he shook her violently.

Through out all this Xena had listened in silence, but at his last remark tears rolled out of her eyes, tears that she had been holding back but could no longer hold. Ares saw this wide-eyed and released her immediately. He walked to the nearest wall and leaned his arm and head against it, and then he took his other fist and smashed it into the wall, furiously. Luckily for the wall, Olympus was built to take this kind of treatment.

Xena was still standing; she didn’t like to show her weaknesses, not to Ares. Everything he had said was true, and he was right to feel that way, Ares deserved more credit for what he did than he was getting. Ares was still leaning against the wall and stayed that way for a long time. Ares finally looked up and started towards Xena.

“Xena I’m sor…” Now close to her but staring down at the beautiful floor.

“No” She gently put her fingers over his lips. “You don’t have to anything to apologize for. You were right, everything you said was true.” She was now caressing his face, looking right into his eyes. Ares slightly shook his head and laid his hand over Xena’s as he gently pulled away.

“It’s getting late, I better leave.” He stepped back, and a very dim light briefly appeared around him. Ares half disappeared, but quickly came back. He tried again, but the same thing happened; he just couldn’t disappear, his powers were drained form his body. After the third try, he realized he wasn’t going anywhere.

“It looks like I’ll be staying here for the night.” Xena noticed Ares had a huge smirk appear on his face. “I don’t know about you, but I’m tired. So if you don’t mind, I’ll be going straight to bed.” He gave her a slight smile as he walked off. “Good night.” He quickly made his way to her room. He removed the covers as a light appeared around him, changing his black leather outfit into a pair of black silk drawstring pants; exposing his well built chest and strong arms.

“Wait!” Xena quickly followed him into the room.

“What?” Ares was already half asleep; he half sat up to face Xena.

“Ares, you’re not slee…” Xena half protested as Ares interrupted her.

“Just in case you didn’t know, this is my room.” He laid back down, and before she knew it, he was fast asleep. Xena just took a big breath and laid down right next to him.

In a strange way, Xena felt a sense of security lying next to Ares. He looked so peaceful. With that touching site, Xena fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter IV

When Xena awoke the next morning, she felt the warmth of two strong arms around her waist. She turned around, careful not to wake him up. Laying there, in his arms, Xena couldn’t resist but to give him a gentle kiss on the lips. She carefully unfolded his arms from around her and got out of bed.

She walked into the other room, leaving the door open. She slipped out of her dress and into the spa, as she put her hair up in a bun. She noticed a sweet smell in the air, and many little colored bottles around the edge of the spa; neither were there when she got in. “How long have you been standing there?” Xena turned around to find Ares leaning against the wall, silent and still in the silk pants.

“I followed you in the room.” He said with a broad smile on his face.

“It’s very like you to be spying on me in the middle of a hot bath.” She too had a smile on her face. She grabbed on of the small bottles and added a white chocolate essence to the water.

“I never could resist such a spectacle.” He walked towards the spa, not talking his eyes off her for a second. He kneeled down behind her. “You’re tense…worried.” He gently started massaging her shoulders.

“About never getting out of here,” she replied dryly. There was a long silence, Xena turned around to face him, locking her eyes with his.

“I’m sorry, I can’t let you go.” Her peaceful expression turned into one of hatred as she warily backed away.

“Do you think you can just keep me here, trapped like an animal?” she said furiously.

“Xena, you don’t understand…” he was quickly cut off by Xena.

“Don’t understand? Ares people out there are depending on me! I can’t let them down.” Xena was waiting for a reply by Ares.

“If this is about the war, I have to assure you that it’s been taken care of, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. I gave Gabrielle some of my best men, she can’t possibly loose. I’ve been watching her very closely, she’s been doing pretty good organizing the army.” He could have gone on but he didn’t.

“I don’t want Gabrielle to go to war.” She finally admitted. Xena turned to face away from Ares. Xena looked into her reflection sadly.

“Ok, I’ll make you a deal,” Xena turned around anxiously. “I’m willing to take you back to Japan, but only if you promise to win the war.” He watched as Xena’s saddened expression turned to one of joy. He looked down at his beautiful warrior, when something even he wasn’t expecting. He felt Xena’s wet lips press against his own. Her hands went around his neck as his’ soon found themselves around her waist. The kiss deepened as Ares pulled Xena completely out of the spa. Unfortunally, Ares took a false step back on some slippery oil essence, and they both ended up on the beautiful black marble floor. They franticly tried to get up, but all efforts in vain; the floor was just too slippery. Ares finally gave up and transported them both out of there and back into Xena’s room.

“Ares I can’t move my ankle.” She said painfully. Xena had twisted her ankle on the way down from the spa.

“It’s not broken,” he said while he inspected it. “But I’m afraid I can’t heal it, not anymore. I’ll just have to bandage it and hope it heals soon.” Before Xena could realize it, the bandage was in place. She looked up at Ares from the exquisite bed.

“So…when are we leaving?” She asked anxiously.

“After breakfast if you’d like.” Xena smiled and lightly nodded. Ares stood up and stared at her adoringly, that’s when it hit her; she was in the nude.

“You’ll need new armor.” He briefly disappeared and reappeared with Xena’s new armor. He was carrying what seemed like a black leather corset with a glint of silver on it. It came with a matching very short leather skirt that had two slits going down each side. Ares was also carrying black leather boots along with some other accessories. Everything had a glint of silver and sapphire. He laid everything on the bed, next to Xena.

“It’s beautiful.” She said truthfully as she took a moment to admire her new outfit. With Ares’ help she was able to get in to her outfit. As she was putting her arm cuffs and gauntlets on, she noticed they had an exact copy of Ares’ medallion engraved on them. She stood in front of a large mirror, shifting her weight from her left leg to her right leg. Ares held her at the waist to help her keep her balance. She once again admired the beautiful armor in the mirror. Still in Ares’ arms, she turned around to face him.

“Lets go…we have a war to win.”