Below are some links that I think are really worth checking out. There are links to shipper sites, to general xena sites, wallpaper sites and screencap sites, in no particular order. Enjoy checking them out!

If you would like to link to this site, Bonded For Eternity, you may let me know that you do and I will return the favor by linking to you. Feel free to use the banners/buttons that I've provided.

If you would like to link to Bonded For Eternity, feel free to use the banners below to do so! And if you do, let me know so I can link back to you.

Shipper Seasons

If you enjoy the Xena/Ares relationship, then I encourage you to check out this site of script based fanfiction set after the end of the series. It's a virtual set of seasons that are intended to continue the Xena/Ares relationship. I guarantee, if you're a shipper, you won't be disappointed!

The Argo Archives

This is my own little plug for a site I've got. It's a site dedicated to Argo. If you love Argo and want to see some fanfic I've written, images, an episode guide list, wallpapers, and more, then this is your stop for some great Argo adventures!

Xena Online Community

This is my favorite place to chat about all things Xena. It's a great community with many wonderful and nice people. We're always looking for more members to join and talk about XWP with us!


A great information site about all things Xena!.

A very nice shipper site that continues to grow. Includes lots of fanfic, gallery, games, mythology and more!

XWP Virtual Seasons

This is the site of the general XWP virtual seasons, that do not cater specifically shippers or subbers and try to stay a true to the show as possible. They have written season 7 and 8.

The Tango Scrawls

Another great Xena/Ares fanfiction site.

Born For War

A great place to find Xena/Ares fan fiction, montags and some other fun things.

The Warriors Hut

A great site with lots of interesting goodies to check out! The site has wallpapers, fanfiction, a fan art contest called Spilled Ink, web graphics and much more! And one of the best things about this site is that it's both shipper and subber friendly. No division in the fandom here, both shippers and subbers can enjoy this site for what it is--and what XWP should be, where everyone is on equal ground.

Juicy Flawless

A nice Lucy Lawless site with screencaps and much more!


A great site for everything that has to do with Xena Warrior Princess information! The site has transcripts, cast and character lists, episode synopsis and viewer summaries and much more. Check it out!

The Australian Xena Information Page

A great site to find screencaps, fanfiction, Xena news, articles, episode reviews, art, and more.

Xena/Ares Fanfiction

This site has probably the best collection of well-written, wonderful fanfiction dealing with Xena and Ares. The site also has wallpapers, too.

Michelle's Xena Picture Library

A great place to look at offical images from the show, along with Lucy pictures and other imagse, too.

Xena Online Resources

A great site with a collection of links to every type of Xena site out there on the web. Ares sites, Xena sites, guest character sites, actor sites, fanfiction sites, artwork/wallpapers sites and much, much more!!

Mike's Xena Wallpapers

A great place to find some high-quality screenscaps from all the seasons of Xena Warrior Princess. Also some fabulous wallpapers!

Ashera's Archive

This stie has some great scans of official images of different parings in the series. Also has fan fiction for adults, mostly.

bcoxena's Photo Gallery's

This site has a lot of great Xena scans!


This is a great place to find screencaps of the show.