I really don't know if there's much I can say about Lucy. You would think that strange, but she is just so many things that it's hard to discribe her or put into words exactly what it is that she is to me.

In almost a year (since October 2007, to be exact), I have developed a fascination with Lucy Lawless that has gone beyond just an interest in her portrayal of the Xena. When I saw her for the first time at my first convention in October--and had a photo op with her--I have followed her career and have loved her for the person that she is. It may be hero worship. I may be a bit star struck. But she is just amazing. She loves life so much, she is daring and bold and doesn't care what people think of her. She's quirky and she has a hilarious sense of humor. She's naturally beautiful and as she has now hit her 40th year mark, she continues to look beautiful. I enjoy learning more about her all the time, and seeing her in new projects. And her concerts... I was never one to fawn over her voice. It was okay but never spectactular. Now I'm a believer in the power of her voice and of her fanbase because when she is up there on stage, singing her heart out and having fun, you can tell that she loves it just as much as we do. She feeds off of her fans and we feed off of her. Her voice may never be perfect but it's all about the performance with her and that's what makes us coming back for more. Now I understand.

She has given me the courage to be daring in my life and get out of my box at times. I subscribe to what she said after Celebrity Duets was over and done with: "Do something scary, the payoff is awesome!" I have her shirt from her fanclub with this quote on it. That quote is one of the things that made me step forward and take the plunge into going to a convention for the first time (and thus, traveling across country by myself for the very first time). I'll always remember that quote for helping me do that.

Anway, enough with my rambling. I really am a Lucy fan for a lot of things she is. So, I wanted to showcase my wallpapers as well as some of my favorite images of her here.