This website has gone through a lot of changes since it's birth back in December of 2000. Since it always interests me to see how websites and concepts evolve, I thought I would share with all of you my thoughts on this website, from the beginning, as well as showing you the old layouts this website used to have and how the design has changed and improved.

I hope you all enjoy this little trip down memory lane!

The History of Bonded For Eternity

Bonded For Eternity came into existence on December 18, 2000. I was a new fan getting into the show and I was fascinated by the Xena and Ares relationship that had developed in the 5th season (the first season I had seen watching it as it aired). I was also becoming interested in design and, in particular, web design so I chose to start a website.

It went through many different versions over the years, starting out rather simple to more of a complex and large site as it is today.

Version 1

ONLINE: December 18, 2000
DESIGN PROGRAM: Adobe Photo Deluxe, Homestead PageBuilder, Yahoo PageBuilder
LAYOUT: Tables

Looking back on this design, you can definitely tell I was a novice at both design and creating websites. I first started this website out on Homestead. Then there were changes that were made to the free services, I believe, and I ended up moving my website to Yahoo Geocities. In both places, I was using the default pagebuilder programs that came free with the hosting. They suited my needs just fine for the most part. As you can see, I decided that each page needed to look different and I ended up using a different background on every page. It is rather obnoxious looking back on it now!

The beginning site was mainly just an image gallery, episode guide, fanfic, and some other fun stuff like disclaimers used in the episodes, and "top 10 reasons to be a shipper" etc.

Version 2

ONLINE: 2004
DESIGN PROGRAM: Adobe Photo Deluxe
LAYOUT: Tables and Frames

I am not exactly sure when I changed the design for the website to version 2. It's been to long ago and I can't remember. But looking back on the old files that I have (yes, I have all of the old designs) and I believe that I had this new design come about around 2004.

It is definitely an improvement from what it was as this one actually has a good flow to it and it looks like it all "fits" together. It utilizes a lot of tables and frames but I liked the blue of this design a lot. I also loved the image that is on the main page (the one of them from Path of Vengeance). It's still a rather simple looking design but it was nice for a time.

Version 3

ONLINE: April 2006
DESIGN PROGRAM: Adobe Photoshop
LAYOUT: Tables

With this design, they finally started to look better in terms of design. This was the first layout that I made with Photoshop. I loved the dark blues of the entire thing. Very dream like and, well, dark which worked out really well for Xena and Ares. I also liked the monotone feel of this layout, how there isn't a lot of color other than the dark navy blue.

Version 4

ONLINE: July 10, 2008
DESIGN PROGRAM: Adobe Photoshop
LAYOUT: Tables

My latest design I am most proud of. A lot of work has been put into this design and while it isn't necessarily colors that you would think of associating with Xena and Ares, I felt like more of pastel dreamlike quality to the layout. Just something light and fun for a change. And I wanted to use a bit more color than the previous layout, but without the layout using really dark colors. It was time for a change.

Another feature I like about this design is that each page uses a different image of Xena and Ares. I thought that would be fun to do, creates a bit of change between the pages but still keeps the overall unity.